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  • Hot Young Bloods
  • by Pierce Conran / 01.27.2014

  • 2014|121 MIN|Comedy, Romance, Drama
    DIRECTOR LEE Yeon-woo
    CAST LEE Jong-suk, PARK Bo-young
    RELEASE DATE January 23
    CONTACT Lotte Entertainment
    Tel. +82 2 3470 3540 Fax. +82 2 3470 3549
    Joong-gil is the playboy of his rural school and he has no trouble wooing girls with his charm. Young-sook, the toughest girl in the school, has a crush on Joong-gil but he doesn’t return her affections. When the quiet and pretty So-hee transfers to their school from the city, Joong-gil can’t keep his eye off her and tries to catch hers. Young-sook is jealous of So-hee and steps up her effort to bag Joong-gil in this story of young love.
    Hot Young Bloods follows a number of popular nostalgia films that have drawn in crowds by rekindling viewers’ memories of past decades such as Sunny (2011) and Architecture 101 (2012). The film features a pair of very popular young stars with LEE Jong-suk and PARK Bo-young taking on the lead roles. LEE has featured in recent hits such as The Face Reader (2013) while PARK starred in the 2012 hit A Werewolf Boy. Director LEE Yeon-woo previously directed KIM Yun-seok in the 2009 thriller Running Turtle.
    By Pierce Conran
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