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  • Spy Papa
  • by Zachary R. Hooker / 10.31.2011

  • Original title: 스파이 파파 (Seu-pai Papa)
    Year: 2011
    Length: 80 min
    Color/BW: Color
    Second feature
    Director: HAN Seung-ryong
    Cast: LEE Du-il, KIM So-hyeon, MIN Gyeong-jin
    Genre: Family, Comedy
    Release date: Oct. 27, 2011
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    Set in Korea’s not-so-distant past, Man-ho (Lee) quietly runs a laundry service in the South, where he has been living as a resident North Korean spy for 14 years. Nightly he decodes and transmits messages from the North through a variety of creative methods. Man-ho’s daughter, Sun-bok (Kim) is in fourth grade. Much to Man-ho’s surprise, Sun-bok becomes a passionate anti-communist at school, delivering speeches to fellow students, creating posters, and removing any North Korean propaganda she finds in her neighborhood. She is even given a ‘Crime Prevention Education Award’ by local authorities. But one day Man-ho is exposed as a spy and carried off in handcuffs. Will this father and daughter be able to resolve their ideological conflicts with love?
    Han Seung-ryong’s debut feature <Off Road> (2007) was screened at the Jeonju International Film Festival and picked up a prize at Korea’s Grand Bell Awards. He has worked on numerous films as an editor, including director E J-yong’s <Untold Scandal>.
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