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  • Marriage Blue
  • by TAE Sang-joon / 12.04.2013
  • Their Big Fat Korean Weddings

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    Director HONG Ji-young | Cast Kim Gang-woo, KIM Hyo-jin, JU Ji-hoon, LEE Yeon-hee | Genre Romance, Comedy |  Running Time 118 Minutes | Rating 15+ | Release Date November 21
    ▶ Synopsis  
    Tae-gyu (KIM Gang-woo) and Joo-yeong (KIM Hyo-jin) meet again after 12 years of being separated, but just one week before their wedding they are in shock to find out about each other’s pasts. In their seventh year of dating, the relationship between So-mi (LEE Yeon-hee) and Won-cheol (OK Taec-yeon) begins to fall apart when So-mi meets another man, Kyeong-soo (JU Ji-hoon). Misunderstandings and conflicts due to cultural differences are becoming too much to bear for the international couple, Gun-ho (MA Dong-seok) and Bica(Guzal). Dae-bok (LEE Hui-joon) and the pregnant Ee-ra (GO Joon-hee) are preparing for their wedding but they can’t seem to agree on anything because of their family backgrounds and different value systems.
    Marriage Blue is in omnibus film about four couples and what happens to them just one week before their weddings. Following her debut in feature filmmaking with The Naked Kitchen(2009), director HONG Ji-young has managed to balance the characteristics of all nine main characters very effectively. One of the many attractions of the film is its all-star cast, which features KIM Gang-woo from The Taste of Money, KIM Hyo-jin, LEE Yeon-hee from M and OK Taec-yeon of ‘2PM’ (a Korean idol group).

    By TAE Sang-joon
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