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  • Scenery
  • 09.30.2013

  • 2013 | 95 MIN | Documentary
    ZHANG Lu
    Release Date December 2013
    TEL +82 2 2285 0562 FAX +82 2 2285 0560
    EMAIL jiff_film2@jiff.or.kr
    WEB www.jiff.or.kr
    People exist as landscape to each other for much of their lives. This coldness can sometimes be an inspiration for others. The scenery is still the same, but the impression has changed slowly. ZHANG Lu’s first documentary feature focuses on a subject very rarely spoken of: immigrant workers in Korea. By putting ten workers’ lives in the spotlight, ZHANG asks questions about their most memorable dream in Korea. With their answers, ZHANG reveals a very different scenery of Korea.

    Scenery began as the mid-length film Over There, one of three segments of this year’s Jeonju Digital Project, an omnibus of shorts commissioned every year by the Jeonju International Film Festival. As a short, the film was invited to the Locarno International Film Festival and now as a full-blown feature, Scenery will debut at the Busan International Film Festival, in the Wide Angle section. Previous to Scenery, ZHANG has been known for his contemplative independent films such as Tang Poetry (2004), Grain in Ear (2005), Chongqing (2007) and Dooman River (2010).
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