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  • My Dear Girl, Jin-young
  • by TAE Sang-joon / 10.31.2013
  • A Portrayal of Women's Work and Love

    ▶ Information
    Director LEE Sung-eun | Cast KIM Gyu-ri, PARK Won-sang | Genre Drama | Running Time 102 minutes | Rating 15+ | Release Date October 24
    ▶ Synopsis  
    KIM Jin-young (KIM Gyu-ri), who is over 30, writes screenplays but only for zombie horror films. HWANG Tae-il (PARK Won-sang), her senior in her college days, appears in front of Jin-young. Tae-il, now a famous film director, decides to direct a film with one of Jin-young’s zombie scenarios and carefully begins to bare his heart.
    My Dear Girl, Jin-young is the debut film by LEE Sung-eun, who received rave reviews after the short I’m Jin-young (2006) screened at the 32nd Seoul Independent Film Festival. KIM Gyu-ri returns to the silver screen with My Dear Girl, Jin-young in two years following her role in Poongsan (2011) by JUHN Jai-hong. The film positively portrays the work and love of women and their thoughts on their families through their everyday lives. KIM Gyu-ri plays the title role of KIM Jin-young while PARK Won-sang plays opposite her as HWANG Tae-il. PARK recently starred in National Security and The Stone.
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