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  • Barbie
  • by Zachary R. Hooker / 10.06.2011

  • 바비 Ba-bi
    2011 l 97min l HD l Color
    Fourth Feature
    Director LEE Sang-woo
    Cast LEE Cheon-hee, KIM Sae-ron, KIM Ah-ron
    Genre Drama
    Release date TBA
    International film festivals 2011 Busan International Film Festival
    Production Indiecom Media
    tel +82.2.711.3891
    email kty2009@lycos.co.kr
    An unflinching examination of South Korea as a baby exportation center for the world, Barbie’s allegorical narrative centers on Sun-yeong (Kim Sae-ron), a young girl who is the head of her household. Living with her is Mang-taek (Lee Cheon-hee), her deranged uncle, and a younger sister (Kim Ah-ron). Mang-taek works as an adoption broker, and eventually attempts to sell off Sun-yeong, setting up this intense social drama.
    A low-budget virtuoso, Lee Sang-woo’s second film, the controversial Mother Is a Whore (2009), garnered a bevy of festival invites and awards. Along with his features, Tropical Manila (2008) and Father Is a Dog (2010), Lee has become regular on the international festival circuit before being properly introduced to the Korean audience, something that should be remedied with popular young actor Lee Cheon-hee’s lead role in Barbie. The film will make its world premiere at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival in the Korean Cinema Today: Vision section.
    Oct. 6, 2011
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