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  • Project Cheonan Ship
  • by Pierce Conran / 08.28.2013
  • A New Documentary Seeking to Shed Light on the Ship's Sinking

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    Director BAEK Seung-woo | Cast Kang Sin-il | Genre Documentary | Running Time 75 minutes | Rating 12+ | Release Date September 5
    ▶ Synopsis
    Three years have passed since the sinking of ROKS Cheonan (PCC-772), which claimed the lives of 46 seamen. A new documentary seeking to shed light on the controversy surrounding the investigation of the cause of the ship’s sinking had its world premiere at the Jeonju International Film Festival this spring. The film will have made its way to general release next month but not before having faced some controversy of its own as its received a court injunction in the lead-up to its release. It was also criticized by the military following it’s Jeonju screening for reawakening a sensitive issue.
    It is widely believed that Cheonan sank after being hit by a torpedo launched by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea but this new documentary goes deeper into the initial investigation that following the incident by providing insights from various experts who have analized the incident. Project Cheonan Ship is produced by CHUNG Ji-young, known for the controversial nature of his works ever since his political films of the early 1990s such as North Korean Partisan in South Korea (1990) and White Badge (1992) but more recently works such as Unbowed (2011) and last year’s blistering torture exposé National Security.
    Produced by CHUNG’s Aura Pictures, Project Cheonan Ship was directed by BAEK Seung-woo. A philosophy major at university, BAEK previously made the shorts Shake Hands (2007), Makoto Story (2008), Bulgasari (2009) and Wooden Goose (2011). Project Cheonan Ship is his first feature film.
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