Jun 2016 VOL.62


  • A Story of 3 Women Tied Together by Destiny
  • by LEE Eun-sun / 05.24.2013
  • ▶ Holly

    ▶ Information

    PARK Byeong-hwan | Starring SHUN Yi, Min-a, JEONG Ae-yeon | Genre Drama | Running Time 105 min | Rating 15+ | Release Date June
    ▶ Synopsis

    Holly, as a single mom dancing at a club in a military camp town, is forced to suffer her neighbors derision as she raises her daughter alone. One day, Su-jin come back to them as a globally renowned ballerina. She spent her childhood with Holly, but betrayed her and was adopted by an overseas family alone. Su-jun suggests she should teach Holly’s daughter ballet as a token of apology, but Holly refuses.

    Holly created news when it was known that Min-a, a member of the girl band Girl’s Day would play the role of a ballerina in the film. She will act as a lively high school girl dreaming to be a ballerina even under extreme circumstances. As Min-a is to play the role of the single mom’s daughter unaware of who her father is, her young fans are cheering for her.

    The most noteworthy actress is SHIN Yi. Well known as an expert of comic acting, she is going to show a whole new side of herself. After debuting with Whispering Corridors, she proved her comedy acting skills in Sex Is Zero and has often played funny characters. In this film, she will take her first lead role to act as a strong mother dancing at a club in a military camp town. She is said to have well expressed the agony of a woman who watches her daughter fighting for her dream to become a ballerina. Holly is the debut film of PARK Byeong-hwan who has previously directed music videos and commercial films.
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