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  • Actor CHOI Woo-sik
  • by KIM Su-yeon / 10.30.2014
  • Dreams to Be a Real ‘Giant’ in the Film World

    HA Jung-woo
    of The Unforgiven and LEE Je-hoon of Bleak Night both caught attention and started proving their potential at the Busan International Film Festival. People say that a new actor who emerged at the BIFF this year is to follow their path. CHOI Woo-sik, who played the role of the 16-year-old protagonist in KIM Tae-yong’s autobiographical film Set Me Free, is he.
    - You won the award at the Actor of the Year, a new section of the BIFF this year. How do you feel?
    I was eager for it, but I didn’t really expect it. I, as a viewer, watched films that other competitors acted in during the festival, and I could see how good they all were, so I thought ‘I won’t win.’ (Smiles) I’m delighted because I won amongst such good actors. I am still a bit dazed.
    - How did you interpret the character of Yeong-jae?
    Having financially incompetent and irresponsible parents, he decides to live at a group home. Even worse, he is just about to be kicked out as he has almost grown up. Maybe because of the circumstances, he is quite mature for a high schooler. At the same time, he is so honest that he looks as clear as a marble. His mind is clear like a flawless metal bearing and it can be easily read like a transparent glass bead. He usually reveals his mind without modification. Yet he sometimes tries to make the situation look nicer as if he wraps marbles with a pretty cover.
    - Did you focus on anything in specific when acting?
    I like talking and smile a lot, but Yeong-jae barely smiles. Therefore, I had to concentrate on facial expressions. In fact, I have acted as emotionally honest, light and frivolous characters, so it was not easy for me to mitigate emotions and let out pent-up anger. The director also told me to suppress emotions even when I strongly want to express feelings.
    - Besides award winning, Set Me Free is your first film you starred in as a lead role since your debut. Do you feel anything special about it as an actor?
    I was very nervous even before the shooting. I was not sure if I could really express what Yeong-jae would feel. Moreover, my part takes up 95% of the entire film. Due to the pressure related to acting, I couldn’t help being nervous at the scene. Fortunately, the director and I were in harmony and could well communicate with each other while working. In fact, I had a good feeling before I watched the result. (Smiles) I thought I’m such a blessed person. Set Me Free didn’t just help me advance as an actor, but it also grew me as a man. Shortly, it brought me more than I deserve.
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