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  • Now many people call him, actor CHOI Seung-hyun
  • by Na Won-Jung  / 09.05.2014

  • Now many people call him actor CHOI Seung-hyun. He became a heartthrob among Asian fans as T.O.P. of the idol group Big Bang. CHOI attracts moviegoers as Dae-gil of Tazza 2. In the film, CHOI shows another character different from the characters in his former films - Commitment and Into The Fire. Tazza 2 is scheduled to premiere abroad. Therefore, his acting interests not only Korean but also foreign filmmakers and fans. 
    This is your first film for adult audiences only. Even its scenario tells about adult themes and materials in a very detailed way.    
    To tell you the truth, I brooded for months. At first, I refused to play the character.
    Then, what made you made up your mind to star in Tazza 2?
    The TV drama Iris and the film Commitment show the color of T.O.P. of the group Big Bang too much. I did not want to play a dark and rebellious character after Commitment. Most of all, I really enjoyed reading the screenplay of Tazza 2. I decided to work with director KANG Hyoung-chul after meeting him.
    Director KANG Hyoung-chul has been recognized as a successful commercial film director through Scandal Makers and Sunny. Did that help you make the decision?
    After receiving the screenplay, we met after several months. Director KANG gave me a Tazza 2 OST CD at that time.  KANG told me that he spent one year on writing the script, saying “This is a CD that contains my last two years.” The statement came across as quite impressive to me. That made me trust KANG’S preparedness. The music is also extraordinary. KANG played hip-hop music from Tazza 2. It felt really creative.

    Do you like card games?
    I never have played them. I am very competitive. Thus, if I am immersed in one thing, I go the distance. This character of mine prevents me from playing card games. I began to practice card games three months before the start of the shooting. I also learned some tricks from a magician. I became interested in card games. 
    Your right hand was injured while shooting Commitment. Is the injury affected your acting as a highly professional gambler?
    I have trouble clenching my fist. But while practicing card games, I did a lot of hand exercise. That made my hands better. Tazza 1 directed by CHOI Dong-hoon was commercially successful. The film stars veteran actors including CHO Seung-woo, KIM Hye-soo and  BAEK Yoon-shik. CHO’s acting was well received.
    Was taking the lead role a burden to you?
    The two characters are different. I tried to focus on the rhythm of my acting.  Goni, the hero of the original and Dae-gil, the hero of the sequel have different characters. So, I did not have any big problem. The character of KOH Kwang-yeol played by actor YOO Hae-jin in the original continues in the sequel. It was the biggest fun to work with YOO. YOO is a great actor. You will be satisfied with my acting with YOO.
    Actors usually say that they enjoy acting. Did you too while shooting Tazza 2?
    I do not understand such ‘enjoy’ well. I become very sensitive and serious when I am working. When I take the stage as a member of Big Bang, I think, I always play T.O.P. according to the concept of a song.  Needless to say, there was a moment I could understand Dae-gil deeply while playing him in the film. 
    When did you do?
    In this film, Dae-gil gives his pure love to his first love, Mina. In addition, Dae-gil meets his teacher KOH Kwang-yeol and grows day by day. Playing Dae-gil made me understand the character more.

    It is said that you do not like revealing your body and wear shorts. But Tazza 2 has many revealing scenes. What made you decide to shoot revealing scenes?
    I wear long clothes only even at home. (Laughter) But in this film, revealing scenes are not groundless. There was no problem for me as those scenes were created to make me look nice or attract the attention of audiences. I also think that it is natural to reveal in love scenes as it is closely related to Daegil’s character.  
    Is there any change in and around you as your filmography expands? 
    I think I am finding my own colors. In the past, my management agency reads scenarios and selects my works. But these days, I do. I should take responsibility for results or reviews as I pick up my works, I think. Such a change really matters to me. Personally, I feel my mind become more capacious. “You have become nicer than before,” The other members of Big Bang told me. I think I was not. (Laughter).
    During Chuseok holiday season, Tazza 2 is popular. You have much anticipation about that, right?
    I am still anxious. I think that I am most anxious when my music and films are finally released to the general public.  I am anxious to know how people will respond to this film. That is a meaning different from success and failure. I hope that audiences enjoy watching the film.  Waiting for the results excites me.

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