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  • K-wave Actor PARK Yoo-chun
  • by LEE Ji-yeong / 09.03.2014
  • Look How He Starts Up

    PARK Yoo-chun is already a dominating star in Asia. As a member of idol band JYJ, he has already proved what he has got. Yet he has just begun his career ‘as an actor’. After completing 4 dramas, he starred in his first film Haemoo. In the first film, he took the main role to lead the story. Haemoo is the first film of Bong Joon Ho as a producer and of SHIM Sung-bo as a director. SHIM wrote the script of Memories Of Murder with Bong earlier. All the other actors are well experienced. Best actors in Korea such as KIM Sang-ho and MOON Sung-keun as well as KIM Yun-seok of The Chaser and The Thieves all gathered together. Among these expert actors, will the ‘idol musician’ boy handle his part well enough?
    Anyone who watched the film would say ‘Yes’ to the question. He is no more merely an ‘ex-idol star’ as he acted in the debut film. His heydays has just started. What he did in Haemoo is the proof. Park Yu Chun is not a ‘star on stage’ but the youngest sailor Dong-sik while in the film. He looks totally different from the young boy who showed charismatic and stylish performance on stage. In the film Haemoo, he proves his boundless capability as an actor.
    - Favorable comments continued one after another even before the film was released.

    Thanks to the audiences. Before the release, I was quite worried what they would say about my acting.
    - When you first acted, there was concern over you because you were a singer. But no one is worried about you any more.

    I don’t really care about such opinions. All I do is do my best in my role. I rather concern more about staff and other actors because I don’t want to hinder them. Since I earned a great opportunity to act very early, I will make sure to grab it.
    - What kind of person is Don-sik in Haemoo?

    He lost parents very early and lives with grand mother. I figured he has a strong sense of responsibility, but is very pure at the same time. He also keeps sorrow in him. I empathized with all the torments he went through when acting.
    - How did you feel after viewing Haemoo on the big screen?

    I was stunned at first. Gradually, I could see the six sailors including Dong-sik awakened by desire. It was so impressive.
    - Can you think of any episode you cannot forget after shooting Haemoo?

    I remember when I stood on the stage to meet audiences. It was awkward yet novel. I have met a lot of fans on stage, but to greet to audiences on stage was something very new to me. I was really delighted and happy to meet them right in front of me. Just the fact that a lot of people were there to see the film I acted in was moving.
    - Dong-sik struggles to protect the woman he loves in Haemoo. What do you think about Dong-sik’s love story?

    I think Dong-sik’s love is the most pure one among all kinds of love. His devotes everything to protecting his love in the middle of suffering a terrible accident. Experiencing such love is meaningful enough although it was in a film. I suppose it is an essential type of love in the society of today,
    - You are going to be 30 soon. How do you feel?

    I’m anxious to be 30. The older I get, the wider spectrum of roles I can play in my opinion. I’m excited to act expressing emotions of my age. I would like to perform in as many genres of films as I can.
    - What is your goal as an actor?

    I want to be in good films. I also want to enjoy doing films. But I’m not going to be too greedy. I will be satisfied with the reality at every moment. I hope to act for a long time feeling gratefulness.
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