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6/45, a Box Office Hit Dark Horse, Topped the Box Office in the 2nd Week of Its Release

Sep 06, 2022
  • Writer by Hellen Park
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Hunt, 2nd Place at the Weekend Box Office, Surpassing 4 Million Viewers



A box office dark horse appeared in the theater district. The comedy film, 6/45, starring Go Kyoungpyo and Yi Yikyung, topped the weekend box office in the 2nd week of its release. According to the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) of the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) on September 5, the film 6/45 topped the box office with 406,993 viewers with 45.3% of sales from September 2 (Fri) to 4 (Sun). Until September 4, the total viewers of 6/45 are 1,134,783. The production cost of 6/45 is about 3 million dollars (5 billion won in Korean won), and the break-even point is 1.65 million viewers. Compared to the blockbusters in the summer theaters, this middle-sized film is performing well at the box office. Especially, as young actors' outstanding comic performances and realistic settings with high empathy go viral, it secures the top at the daily box office on the 5th day of its release, maintaining the top spot for 8 consecutive days. 


Hunt, which had topped the weekend box office for 3 consecutive weeks, fell to 2nd place with 203,506 viewers and 23.2% of sales over the weekend. The total number of weekend viewers of Hunt is 4,116,629, which is expected to surpass the break-even point of 4.2 million viewers by the end of the week.


HANSAN: RISING DRAGON is in 3rd place with 77,003 weekend viewers and 7.4% of sales, recording 7,159,668 audiences in total. HANSAN: RISING DRAGON began airing on August 29 on the OTT platform Coupang Play during its theatrical release. Following HANSAN: RISING DRAGON, Emergency Declaration also chose to be aired exclusively through Coupang Play. An exclusive release through a specific platform, instead of the full release on IPTVs, is drawing attention as a significant change in the ancillary rights market. 


Top Gun: Maverick is 4th place. Over the weekend, the film attracted 54,040 viewers with 437 screens, surpassing 8,065,878 viewers in total. Although it has been 3 months since its release, the audience decline rate is only 10.8%, and the weekend sales rate is still 12.0%, maintaining a higher rate than those of its competitors. 


Limit, released on August 31, debuted in 5th place at the weekend box office. A total of 58,000 viewers, including about 27,000 viewers over the weekend, watched the film on the 643 screens. It is a crime thriller that revolves around the life safety of an undercover officer who plays the mother of a serial kidnapping victim to deliver the ransom and faces the unexpected crisis, starring Lee Junghyun, Moon Junghee, and Jin Seoyeon


In the first week of September, a total of 1.59 million viewers visited the theater, including 887,000 viewers over the weekend. Although it is only 82% of the 1,931,000 viewers last week (795,000 on weekdays and 1,136,000 on the weekend), the number of moviegoers this week is expected to increase due to Chuseok Holiday. 

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