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KOFIC Held 2022 Screenplay Contest Award Ceremony for Korean Films

Jul 26, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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Screenwriters Lim Eun, Awarded 50 million Won for ‘Cham Jalhaneun Jisida’




The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) held the ‘2022 Screenplay Contest’ Awards for Korean Films ceremony on July 22. The winner of the Grand Prize of the contest this year is Lim Eun's ‘Cham Jalhaneun Jisida.’ The jury said, "The screenplay unraveled the story of women's solidarity in a solid narrative without committing simple materialism. It’s very impressive that the lines for each character are perfectly matched, and the screenwriter's seasoned talent is so outstanding with the ending that leaves a touching impression and lingering feelings." 


The jury also delivered the general review about the contest this year, saying, "There were so many screenplays that depict serious questions about women's narratives and solidarities between individuals, individuals and society, and individuals and families this year. We feel a lot of comfort and empathy in that the screenplays are talking about another solidarity and hope while indirectly criticizing the phenomenon of socializing individual problems." 


A total of 865 screenplays were applied for the contest this year. Of these, 60 were made the cut, and only 15 scripts were selected at the final. For the 15 winners, a total of 205 million won was given; 50 million won to the Grand Prize winner (1 work), 30 million won to 1st Prize (1 work), 25 million to 2nd Prize (1 work), 15 million won to 3rd Prize (2 works), and 7 million won to 4th Prize (10 works). Also, among the screenplays that failed to make the cut, 10 additional works that stood out for development possibility were selected for the mentoring program to provide them with the opportunities for the development of works. 


Any Korean citizen can apply for the Screenplay Contest for Korean Films that discover and foster competent screenwriters. Among the scripts submitted, pure creative dramatic film screenplays with the high possibility of filmization and cinematic quality are selected. Kim Dongheuk's The Face Reader, which won the Grand Prize in 2010, was made into a movie in 2013, directed by Han Jaerim. The movie The Face Reader, starring actors Song Kangho, Lee Jungjae, and Baek Yoonsik, attracted 9.13 million viewers when released. The 2019 Grand Prize winner Dream Palace (working title) is being prepared to be released in the second half of 2022 with Screenwriter Ka Sungmoon participating in directing and starring actors Kim Sunyoung and Lee Yoonji. 


KOFIC will support various follow-up programs to continue to strengthen the capabilities of the screenwriters selected in the Screenplay Contest for Korean films. First of all, it supports them with intensive mentoring programs from experts in each profession (screenwriters, producers, directors, and investments) in the film industry and provides them with a separate creative support fund for the adaptation for about 3 months. It will also continue to support major investment/production companies’ networking, biz matching, and agencies through S#1, the Korea Film Planning and Development Center.

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