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A Special Exhibition at the 26th BIFAN, ‘It’s Going on: 39+1, KAFA’

Jun 10, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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It Screens 17 Feature & Short Films by Korean Representative Directors from KAFA, Including Jo Sunghee, Kim Uiseok, Park Jiwan, Um Taehwa, etc.


Director Jo Sunghee’s Dont Step Out of the House (2008) 


The 26th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) is holding a special exhibition, ‘It’s Going on: 39+1, KAFA.’ Mo Eunyoung, the programmer of BIFAN said, "We prepared this special event as the first step to celebrate KAFAs 40th anniversary in 2023. And we support the new image of KAFA with 40 years of history, which will be made by adding 1 more year to the 39 years of time." 


Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA), an education institution focusing on films, was established in 1984 by the Korean Film Council to foster professionals in the Korean film industry. For the past 39 years, the academy has discovered masters such as Bong Joonho, Im Sangsoo, Hur Jinho, Jang Joonhwan, Choi Donghoon, and Jo Sunghee, who have led Korean films. It also has successfully discovered new directors who will be responsible for the future of Korean films. KAFA operates regular courses for film production, filming, producing, and animation while conducting educational programs that produce about 7 feature films (as of 2020) annually. Most of the films completed through the courses have entered domestic and foreign film festivals, attracting a lot of attention every year by winning a number of awards. 


This special event focuses on genre attempts and achievements among the various aspects of KAFA. 17 films in total will be screened, including 5 feature films and 12 short films. The feature films are unique in that they have turned contemporary social worries into genre films, and the short films are the ones screened at BIFAN so far, which show the new imaginations of the directors from KAFA. 


During the film festival, various events will also be held, including the special exhibition, ‘Conversation with the Audience’ (GV), as well as the time with KAFA directors to talk about the role of KAFA and the present situation of Korean films. The 26th BIFAN will be held for 11 days from July 7 to 17 under the slogan ‘Stay Strange.’

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