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The Roundup Held Global Press Conference

May 13, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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Broadcast Live Around the World in Real-time, Reflecting the Rising Expectations for Korean Films in the Global Market



On May 11, the press distribution premier & global press conference for The Roundup was held at Megabox COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Actors Don Lee, Choi Gwihwa, Park Jihwan and Director Lee Sangyong attended the event. Actor Son Sukku, the new villain of the sequel, couldn’t join the event because he was overseas to film Casino, a Disney+ original series. 


The Roundup is a cheerful crime movie that depicts the crime eradication operation conducted by a monster detective Ma Seokdo (Don Lee) and the squad of Geumcheon Police Station to catch villain Kang Haesang (Son Sukku), who dominates a part of Vietnam. As the sequel to THE OUTLAWS, which was released in 2017 and attracted 6.88 million viewers, The Roundup has been upgraded to include the expanded worldview, the exhilaration of action, and the level of humor. 


"Thankfully, the first episode was loved so much that I was able to do the second one," said Don Lee, the organizer, producer, and lead actor of the series, expressing his gratitude to the audience. He continued, "In fact, before the first scenario was completed, I already thought of 8 franchises to depict the stories I wanted to tell. My goal is to create new situations, environments and new action scenes with people every time the series goes on," raising expectations for the crime action franchise focusing on monster detective ‘Ma Seokdo.’ 


The global press conference was held in the order of Korean media reporters after preliminary questions from foreign media such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, and Singapore. The event was broadcast live globally in real-time, talking about The Roundup with the media around the world. Earlier on April 22, a global launching show was held for the film. Pre-application questions from Korean and overseas media were collected, and English subtitles were provided for media and fans in Korea and overseas. This proves that The Roundup is a highly anticipated film that theater platforms around the world pay attention to.


As Korean films gradually enter the ranks of anticipated films that are drawing attention in the global market, such global events are expected to become the official method to promote Korean films to the world.

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