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Ra Miran and Kim Muyeol Reprise Their Roles for HONEST CANDIDATE 2

Aug 17, 2021
  • Writer by Pierce Conran
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Cast and Crew Back on Set for Election Comedy Sequel



The team behind the hit election comedy HONEST CANDIDATE (2020) is back on set as filming for a sequel got underway on July 31. Ra Miran reprised her lead role, which earned her a Blue Dragon Award for Best Actress earlier this year with Chang Youjeong also back in the director’s chair.


HONEST CANDIDATE, a remake of the hit 2014 Brazilian film of the same name, followed Ra playing Joo Sangsook, a fourth-term national assemblywoman who often resorted to lies and media manipulation to keep herself in office. One day she was bewitched by her grandmother and woke unable to tell a lie.


Kim Mooyeol and Yun Gyeongho also reprise their roles as Sangsook’s chief of staff and husband, while new onboard for the follow-up are Seo Hyunwoo (The Man Standing Next, 2020), Park Jinju (Swing Kids, 2018), and Yoon Dujun (Return of the Mafia, 2012).


The film was one of the last major releases to hit theaters before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though its release was affected when cases exploded a few weeks into its run, it was nevertheless able to attract 1.5 million viewers (USD 11 million).


The Brazilian original also spawned a sequel in 2018, but while it is unclear if the Korean HONEST CANDIDATE 2 is a direct remake, the film will follow the aftermath of the political fallout from the first film, as Sangsook attempts to build herself up again and reenter politics.

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