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KOFIC Holds KO-Production in Busan 2017

Oct 13, 2017
  • Writerby SONG Soon-jin
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To Introduce 10 projects for international co-production

Korean Film Council (KOFIC) holds ‘KO-Production in Busan 2017’ with the Asian Film Market during the 22nd Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). For three days from October 14th to 16th, the event introduces 10 projects, including feature films and feature animated films which are aiming at international co-production, and sets up business meetings with filmmakers at home and abroad, at the Korean Film Center in BEXCO Exhibition Center 2. 

The lineup is as follow. First, Memories of a Dead End, an adaption of Yoshimoto Banana’s short story, depicts a woman who looks for a new life in Nagoya, Japan. ZOA FILMS produces this project with female filmmakers, such as producer LEE Eun-kyoung and BAE Yoon-hee and director KIM Bo-jeong. Also, Miru Pictures’ BADA is led by women filmmakers, including director CHOI Ji-un and producer KIM Young. The film will tell a middle aged haenyeo (known as sea women, they are female divers without using any breathing equipment in the Korean province of Jeju) living alone and a half-black boy, set in 1993’s Jeju Island. 

Kross Pictures’ comedy drama Please Marry My Wife will portray a man who is given six months to live, based on the same name of Japanese novel that has been brought to the screen and stage already. The Korean scenario is under development as well as in the process of Chinese version in collaboration with the production partner. Next, FILMKWAN’s action thriller Supercop is created by director PARK Chul-kwan and producer PARK Yu-seon. Chao is one of China’s best cops but he witnesses a scientist’s wife is kidnapped when he goes to Malaysia. The scientist is a person who develops antidotes against a mutant virus and Chao struggles to save her. The project is currently under pre-production with its completed scenario. 

Film Company Hong’s Station is a fantasy human drama. The film will portray that JANG Pen of 2018 meets Mei of 2008, who would die in the accident that happened 10 years ago. The project is led by Alex KOH who directed films such as Runway Cop (2012) and independent film Bloody Innocent (2010). Meanwhile, The Harmonium In My Memory (1999) director LEE Young-jae has joined this event for fantasy romance, Beauty At Nights by KANG CONTENTS. An ugly woman is used by a fashion company’s marketing for her appearance but becomes the beauty when she finds a shoe the legendary actress dropped. In addition, Hanmac Culture Group’s The Transit Tour is a romantic comedy which draws the love story about a Thai girl who is a big fan of Korean Wave star and a Korean man with one day left to enlistment for the mandatory military duty. 

There are three animation projects. In first, Studio Gale’s Millionaire Woody is produced by director SHIN Chang-hwan who developed and directed Korea’s representative animations such as Pororo and Tayo the Little Bus. This comic musical animation revolves around the story of superstar Woody, a talking dog, sending to a dog shelter. It is a global project aiming to release in Korea, the United States and Asia. In second, Anyzac will introduce slapstick comedy animation Zombie Dumb.  It is a theatrical version of the TV series Zombie Dumb, which aired on KBS in 2016, is about zombies fighting with villain Sandore to protect the last human girl Hana. The last project is Nato by Studio Vandal. Nato is a grumpy blue raccoon who lives in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) wants to return the DMZ after he was caged in a zoo. 

‘KO-Production in Busan 2017’ will be attended by major local movie companies like SHOWBOX CORP. and STUDIO&NEW as well as foreign companies and institutions, including Japan’s SHOCHIKU and Toho Co., Ltd and France’s FILM FRANCE.
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