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  • Delayed Growing Pains of 28-Year-Old Girls
  • by LEE Eun-sun / 05.24.2013
  • Miss Cherry’s Love Puzzle

    ▶ Information
    JUNG Ha-rin | Starring RYU Hyun-kyung, HA Si-eun, KANG Ki-hwa | Genre Coming-of-age Drama | Running Time 98 min | Rating TBD | Release Date June 6
    ▶ Synopsis
    Aeng-du hears the amazing news that her parents won the lottery on the day she breaks up with her boyfriend who cheated on her. While her parents are on a trip around the world, she calls her close friends over and is excited to live with them in the meantime. They thought they could forget about the gloomy past and be happy, but soon they realize they were wrong.
    Miss Cherry’s Love Puzzle is a coming-of-age film about the delayed growing pains of 28-year-old but immature girls. They have almost reached 30 without any feasible aims in life. The three lead roles are played by RYU Hyun-kyung of Born to Sing, HAN Song-hee of Jesus Hospital and KANG Ki-hwa of Officer of the Year. The desperate girls are Aeng-du, a dreaming would-be writer, So-yeong, a pretty girl without any talent, and Yun-jin, a hardworking girl about to fail in love, and Na-eun, a single girl who has never been loved. These characters resemble average girls from real life.
    The film shows that life is a process of suffering growing pain till the end which forms a bond of sympathy with girls living today. While most coming-of-age films have focused on sex and love, this film simply talks about the story of clumsy women, far from sex or love. RYU realistically portrays the sad girl who is forced to give up her dream at her age. Her acting skill has deepened compared with previous films.
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