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Ko - production in Busan
Oct 27, 2021 ~ Nov 02, 2021
  • A Leave
    A Leave (2020)
    - Director : LEE Ran-hee
    - Main Cast : SIN Un-seop
    - Genre : Drama
    Middle-aged worker Jaebok recently lost a lawsuit asking for the invalidation of his recent dismissal. Sitting in a tent in the cold weather, he and his colleagues lose their will to fight further and feel pity for not being able to relish the time off work. Jaebok retu...
  • Good Person
    Good Person (2020)
    - Director : JUNG Wook
    - Main Cast : KIM Tae-hun, LEE Hyo-je, KIM Jong-gu, KO Kwan-jae
    - Genre : Mystery
    A theft occurs in the class of Kyung-seok, who is known to be a benevolent teacher. Under the circumstances, Se-ik is accused of being the culprit, but desperately claims it is a false accusation. On that night, the daughter of Kyung-seok who came along to school with h...
    - Director : HONG Sang-soo
    - Main Cast : LEE Hye-young, KWON Hae-hyo
    - Genre : Drama
  • Mom's Song
    Mom's Song (2020)
    - Director : SHIN Dong-min
    - Main Cast : Kim Hye-Jeong, Shin Jeong-woong, No Yoon-Jeong, KOO Yang-wook
    - Genre : Drama
    1) To Gunsan: The mother calls her son and asks him to come home and take a look, saying the heater makes a weird noise.
    Dong-min heads to his mother, Hye-jeong’s house where she lives alone. It's been a while since she moved, but the house is still in a mess. Do...
  • Shadow Flowers
    Shadow Flowers (2019)
    - Director : YI Seung-jun
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Documentary
    KIM Ryun-hee, a North Korean housewife, was forced to come to South Korea and became its citizen against her will. As her seven years of struggle to go back to her family in North Korea continues, the political absurdity hinders her journey back to her loved ones. The l...

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