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Ko - production in Busan
Aug 10, 2022 ~ Aug 16, 2022
  • A Returned Man
    A Returned Man (1960)
    - Director : KIM Soo-yong
    - Main Cast : CHOI Eun-hee, KIM Jin-gyu
    - Genre : Drama, Romance
    Park Nam-u (Kim Jin-gyu) works at a Japanese pharmaceutical company and lives happily with his wife, Gyeong-hui (Choe Eun-hui), in a house filled with beautiful white roses. Not long after hearing the wonderful news that his wife is pregnant, Park Nam-u is drafted into ...
  • An Aimless Bullet
    An Aimless Bullet (1961)
    - Director : YU Hyun-mok
    - Main Cast : KIM Jin-gyu, KIM Hye-jeong, CHOI Moo-ryong
    - Genre : Drama
    Through an indigent family living a destitute life, he reveals the difficulties of postwar Korean society. Accountant clerk Chul-Ho, his disabled vet brother and the rest of the family tries to cope with harsh reality only to see them fail, losing the direction of which...
  • Evergreen tree
    Evergreen tree (1961)
    - Director : SHIN Sangok
    - Main Cast : HEO Jang-gang, CHOI Eun-hee
    - Genre : Drama
    He and she are both graduates of vocational school. With great hopes of developing the rural district, they each return to their hometown. He builds a community center to lead other youths in his hometown and she opens a village school and works hard to eradicate illite...
  • I Am From Chosun
    I Am From Chosun (2020)
    - Director : KIM Cheol-min
    - Main Cast :
    - Genre : Documentary
    After 15 years of knowing Chosun people in Japan I met on Mt. Geumgang in 2002, I face the history of colonization and division that I had not known before. They’ve been to North Korea many times, but never to South Korea. They tell us why they want to live as Chosun...
  • Old Boy
    Old Boy (2003)
    - Director : PARK Chanwook
    - Main Cast : CHOI Min-shik, YOO Ji-tae, GANG Hye-jung, KIM Byung-ok
    - Genre : Thriller
    In 1998, OH Dae-soo is drugged and kidnapped in front of his own house. Coming to, Dae-soo realizes he has been thrown into a private prison. The people who imprison him supply him with food, water and a television. Dae-soo watches the news and learns that his bel...
  • The Handmaiden : Extended Edition
    The Handmaiden : Extended Edition (2016)
    - Director : PARK Chanwook
    - Main Cast : KIM Min-hee, KIM Tae-ri, HA Jung-woo, CHO Jin-woong
    - Genre : Drama, Thriller
    1930s Korea, in the period of Japanese occupation, a new girl (Sookee) is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress (Hideko) who lives a secluded life on a large countryside estate with her domineering Uncle (Kouzuki). But the maid has a secret. She is a pickpocket re...
  • The World of Us
    The World of Us (2016)
    - Director : YOON Ga-eun
    - Main Cast : CHOI Soo-in, SEOL Hye-in, LEE Seo-yeon, JANG Hye-jin
    - Genre : Drama
    At an age when perhaps friends mean more than moms, 10 year-old Sun is an outcast at school. During summer vacation, she meets Jia, who is new to town. As Sun shows Jia around the neighborhood and they play at each other’s houses and share secrets, they become best f...

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