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Ko - production in Busan
  • 48 Hours to Write, Shoot & Edit a Film
  • by David Oxenbridge /  Oct 08, 2010
  • 48 Hours to Write, Shoot & Edit a Film


    Attention all film makers and budding film makers alike: you have just 48 hours to complete a short film from start to finish when the 48 Hour Film Festival comes again to Seoul.  The city played host to the international festival for the first time last year but the festival has been alive, kicking and growing since its inception in 2001.  Seoul joins a number of other countries including the U.K, Vietnam, Singapore, Italy, the U.S, Scotland, Hong Kong, New Zealand and more that have seen the festival grow from just a few entering groups to literally hundreds.   Internationally there have been over 9000 teams enter over an 8 year period.


    Groups are given a prop they must use, a line of dialogue, a character name and a genre.  They must then write, shoot, and edit a short film, all without much sleep, over the 48 hours of a weekend. If teams do not hand their films in by a set time on Sunday night, they automatically get disqualified.  After a week or so all films are screened at a local theatre where awards such as ‘Best Use of Character’, ‘Best Use of Line of Dialogue’ ‘Best Actor’ and of course ‘Best Film’ are given to winning films. 


    The philosophy of the festival is to ‘advance filmmaking and promote filmmakers’ with an emphasis on ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking’.  The festival also gives many young and budding film makers the chance to give it a go.   The Seoul 48 Hour Film Festival kicks off Friday November 5 at 7:00 and ends 48 hours later on Sunday night.  Teams can register at:


    David Oxenbridge <KOFIC>

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