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Ko - production in Busan
GNFC (Gyeong-Nam Film Commission)
  • Introduction
    Gyeong-Nam is located at the southeastern end of the Korean Peninsula. With the Taebaek Mountain Range standing in the east and Nakdong River flowing through the center, it boasts rich natural resources including islands, national parks, hot springs, mountains, valleys, beaches, wetlands, and forests. GNFC sees the region as a land rich in nature and strong in tradition.
    Location highlights
    • Namhae-Samcheonpo Grand Bridge, a bridge with spectacular views connecting the region’s many islands
    • Somaemuldo, a small island with spectacular coastal cliffs
    • Boriam Temple, a beautiful temple in the middle of a mountain looking down to the sea

    Incentive programs open to international productions
    • A cash incentive up to 30% on production costs spent in GyeongNam
    Infrastructure & Filming support
    • Hapcheon Theme Park Outdoor Set
      An open set from modern Korea with 164 buildings and streets, 1 train, 2 trams and several military weaponry (78,420m2)
    • Maritime Outdoor Set
      An open set with 25 ancient buildings, ports, 3 ships, and floating houses (43,469m2)
    • Hwangmae Mountain Outdoor Set
      An open set located on the mountainside, with 31 ancient houses, 10 windmills, lookouts, and forges (14,657m2)
    • Hadong Toji Outdoor Set
      An open set with 47 thatched cottages, 5 tile-roofed houses, watermills and old markets (21,441m2)
    Recently Supported Productions
    • Hello Stranger by Banjong Pisanthanakun, Thailand 2010
    • The Front Line by JANG Hun, Korea 2010
    Masan Main Stadium in Gymnasium #447, Yangdeok-dong, Masan-City, Gyeongnam, Korea 630 725
    Tel) +82 55 296 0303
    Fax) +82 55 296 5924