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Ko - production in Busan
CFC (Cheongpung Film Commission)
  • Introduction
    Chungcheongbuk-do is often called ‘The city of fresh wind and a bright moon’. Together with its beautiful mountains and valleys, its reputation comes from the magnificent townscape of Jecheon city, where the CFC is based, and the surrounding CheongPung Lake (67.5km2) which is well known for its breathtaking scenery. It is also adjacent to Woraksan National Park which has long been known as a divine peak thanks to its steep physical features and ferociously tall cliffs.
    Location highlights
    • Urim-Ji Lake, one of the oldest irrigation facilities in Korea surrounded by several hundred years old pine trees, weeping willows, a 30-meter high natural waterfall and water fountain.
    • CheongPung Lake, a famous freshwater fishery with vast and flat terrain.
    • Bibong Mountain, a hawk shaped mountain encompassed by CheongPung Lake, giving an illusionary look of an island over the sea
    Infrastructure & Filming support
    • Jecheon Media Center
      A film studio equipped with editing rooms, audio and video studios, and film archive. 325.2m2 in size.
    • Jecheon SBS Set
      Periodical set for Chosun Dynasty used to shoot several TV dramas
      19,392m2 in size, about 750USD rental fee per day
    • ‘The Divine Weapon’ Film Set
      Periodical set for Chosun Dynasty, used to shoot 2008 film ‘The Divine Weapon’ and other productions
      Abt 750 USD rental fee per day
    • Jecheon KBS Set
      Periodical set for ancient kingdoms, used to shoot several TV dramas
      16,353m2 in size, abt 750USD rental fee per day
    Recently Supported Productions
    • The Divine Weapon by KIM Yoo-jin, Korea 2007
    • Romantic Debtors by SHIN Keun-ho, Korea 2010
    Jecheon Media Center 2nd Floor, #110 Cheongjeon-dong, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk, Korea 390-110
    (Tel) +82 43 645 4995
    (Fax) +82 43 641 4810
    (mobile) +10 8748 0506