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Ko - production in Busan
  • Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival (SMIFF)
    Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival (SMIFF)
    - Official Website :
    - Dates : Aug 17, 2021 ~ Sep 10, 2021
    - Category : Competitive
    - Tel : +82 70 8868 6850
    - Fax : +82 2 522 6850
    - E-mail :
    - Office : 307, 3F, 18, Yeongsin-ro 38-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07251, Republic of Korea
  • Moving theater, 90 seconds imagination is spread out!
    Seoul Metro International subway Film Festival (SMIFF), which is hosted by Seoul Metro, Seoul international Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival and Barcelona TMB, is the first international metro film festival in Asia. Under the slogan '90 seconds of imagination, Enjoy the subway!', SMIFF has been held in Seoul and Barcelona’s subway. SMIFF hopes to make subway a non-individual space although individuals are gathered, by creating a visual culture which could be enjoyed by all passengers. SMIFF believes in the power with the space and the movie.


    E-CUT for the Director
    'E-CUT for the Director' is the project to support a promising director to produce his own film. The project can be achieved by talent donations from famous actors, fresh ideas from short film directors, and support of a place from Seoul Metro. Subway itself is an attractive place containing daily lives that has already appeared in numerous films. Nevertheless, it is not easy to choose a subway as a filming location because there are many restrictions throughout the subway station. Thus, without the support of Seoul Metro, this project couldn’t have been completed. < Best Poem > of director Lim Junghoon, which has been produced by talent donations of actress Hwang Bora and actor Moon Yookang, was filmed at Dokbawi Station. This film comically plays out the episode which happens from a poem on the subway screen door. It gives us the opportunity to think about how to communicate and interact.
    International Competition
    This year, 25 films for International Competition, selected by Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival, Subtravelling in Barcelona and 60 Seconds in Copenhagen will be screened on-line, at the cinemas, and on the subway monitors. They include a variety of film genres, which range from experimental films selected by 60 Seconds in Copenhagen to animations and fictions selected by Seoul Metro International subway Film Festival and Subtravelling in Barcelona together.

    Korean Competition
    Korean Competition is the section for the films set Seoul metro as their background. They will let you feel how grateful we are to the subway or how many various lives there are on the subway by looking into Seoul Metro.

    Special Competition of Subway Film
    Special Competition consists of some of the high quality films which haven’t been selected in the International Competition and Korean Competition because they fail to meet some essential standards for public screening using subway monitors such as screen size, subject or the amount of dialogue. The winner was decided following on-site vote at the cinemas until last year but this year the winner will be decided following an online vote like that of International Competition and Korean Competition.

    Special Screening: Subtravelling in Barcelona
    ‘Roda a TMB’, National Competition of Subtravelling, which is the short film festival held in Barcelona every November, is the section for the films based on Barcelona’s subway. This year, you can meet 6 of last year’s winners of ‘Roda a TMB’. By comparing Seoul Metro from Korean Competition and Barcelona's subway in this section, you can discover diverse aspects of life of two countries which seem similar yet different.
    International Competition 1st Award (3,000,000 KWR)
    One film with the most online votes out of all films in International CompetitionKorean Competition 1st Award (3,000,000 KWR & Flight Ticket and Accommodation to participate in Subtravelling)One film with the most online votes out of all films in Korean Competition
    Seoul Metro Korean Competition 2nd Award : 3,000,000 KWROne film with the second most online votes out of all films in Korean Competition
    Seoul Metro Korean Competition 3rd Award : 1,000,000 KWROne film with the third most online votes out of all films in Korean CompetitionSpecial Award (1,000,000 KWR)One film with the most online votes out of all films in Special Competition

    SMIFF 2020: Korean Film Line Up
    (Click the titles to see more info) 
    No. Title Director Country Year Min
     E-CUT for the Director
    1 The Greatest Poem LIM Jung-hoon Korea 2020 10
     International Competition
    1 Year 2023, Just a Common Day KANG Tae-woong Korea 2020 2'05''
    2 Afternoon KIM Jae-yeon Korea 2019 0'38''
    3 Nomad City HA Eun-hye Korea 2019 1'22''
    4 Dream in the Subway PARK So-young Korea 2020 1'57''
    5 How Are You? HONG Seo-back Korea 2020 1'52''
     Korean Competition
    1 Subway in Colors YOO Ji-young, LIM Su-jin, LEE Hye-rin Korea 2020 0'40''
    2 The Invisible Shield KIM Da-eun Korea 2020 1'44''
    3 Domino LEE Sun-min Korea 2020 1'34''
    4 Dear Yu-jin… NA Do-yul Korea 2020 1'30''
    5 Life, A Friend of a Journey KIM Gi-min, LIM Se-hyuk, KIM Han-sol Korea 2020 1'54''
    6 Life Train GOK Sung-jin, AHN Hyun-sook, HWANG Hye-min Korea 2020 1'42''
    7 Remembrance Depository KIM Jae-young Korea 2020 1'42''
    8 There's No Train to Daerim: Homeless Child NOMDIAN Korea 2020 1'55''
    9 Subway Carries My Dreams PAIK Z-hee Korea 2020 1'31''
    10 Gaze and Breathe YU Byung-hyun Korea 2020 2'06''
    11 Don't Worry JUNG Hoe-hoon Korea 2020 1'30''
    12 But Still Our Hearts Are Close AN Hye-jin Korea 2020 1'30''
    13 Metro DJ MOON Young-kwang Korea 2020 1'52''
    14 Shall We Waltz PARK Jun-hong Korea 2020 2'12''
    15 Virtue CHO Hyun-ju Korea 2020 2'06''