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Ko - production in Busan
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  • "A million audience is a meaningful number"
  • by CHOI Kwang-hee (Journalist) /  Jul 28, 2011

  • I have to say congratulations first. It looks promising after premiere.
    Kids like most. But it is not enough. It is key of success of the film whether it can attract all age groups. Reponses from adult group make its future promising, though. The film actually has the younger target compared to the original story. It could be perfect for toddlers, yet I wish it could move adult's mind. Young audience, the biggest audience group of theatrical market in Korea, has a certain negative attitude against Korean feature animation film. It is most important to beat it over.
    There are some elements added to the original story such as Dalsu character, giving a touch of humor.
    The original seems to be little bit too heavy with Leafie's philosophical mind. And a documentary about a damp that I saw before brought me idea of having additional characters like Dalsu and Namsaeng. Comedic supporting role also could do better for the story. Above all, PARK Chol-min did quite a fascinating job for voice acting. He mostly appealed to adult audience.
    Racing scene in the climax is very exciting.
    From script-wise perspective, the original story lacks a climax. The scene lasts 10 minutes and it is quite an important length from 90-minute runtime. I didn't think the scene was exceptionally great but many told me so. I think it's the result from successful collaboration. Special 3D team joined for the scene.
    How was the production process? Any trouble in financing during production?
    There was one break after pre-production, but no critical crisis I can recall. Of course, there were good times and bad times. But when I lost good things, better things came next. It was just like that, just like in life there are always ups and downs.
    It took six years for completion.
    Three years for pre-production including script writing, and one and a half year for storyboard. I believe it's the key for success to spent enough time in pre-production.
    How many audience will make <Leafie> a success?
    It's a shame for any professional in animation industry that <Robot Taekwon V>, made 30 years ago, is still the biggest hit in Korean animation history. Not any single Korean feature animation film attracted a million audience. A million has a symbolic meaning.

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