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Hunt, Still Topped at the 2nd Week of Its Release, Surpassing 3 Million Viewers in Total

Aug 23, 2022
  • Writer by Hellen Park
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HANSAN: RISING DRAGON, about to Have 7 million Viewers, While NOPE Ranked 3rd



Hunt, Director Lee Jungjae's directorial debut, has accelerated its box office success. Hunt, released on August 10, recorded 714,746 viewers with 27% of sales in the 2nd week of its release. The audience share rose slightly from the previous week in the 2nd week, giving a green light to long-term box office success. It also surpassed 3 million viewers in total. 


Since its release, Hunt has been well received by audiences of various ages. The viewers in their teens and 20s prefer Hunt as a stylish spy action movie, while the moviegoers in their 30s and 40s seem to be highly satisfied with the reunion of Lee Jungjae & Jung Woosung 23 years after The City of the Rising Sun. In particular, there is a high consensus on Director Lee Jungjae's message, a cinematic adaptation of the big political events of Korean modern and contemporary history in the 1980s. 


Global responses to Hunt are also continuing. Pre-sold to 144 countries overseas, Hunt has been invited to film festivals around the world since the Midnight Screenings of the 75th Festival de Cannes. In addition to the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, the film has been invited to the Fantastic Fest 2022 and the 55th SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival, continuing its hot global moves. 


HANSAN: RISING DRAGON, which secures 2nd place at the box office, recorded 343,514 with 22.1% of sales over the weekend. With 6,711,674 viewers in total, its countdown to attract 7 million has started.  Meanwhile, NOPE, a new film directed by Director Jordan Peele, who has a loyal fandom in Korea, was ranked 3rd at the box office over the weekend. The weekend audience of NOPE is 157,970, recording 11.5% of sales. The total audience of NOPE is 253,839 in the first week of its release. 


NOPE depicts the story of a brother and sister who run a farm in a quiet suburb. One day, an unidentified flying object suddenly appeared in the sky, and strange things happen. Not only the social messages that appear importantly in Director Jordan Peele's films, including racism, but the visually shocking scenes shot by the IMAX camera for the first time in a horror film are receiving good reviews from Korean moviegoers. 


In addition, Top Gun: Maverick recorded 4th place over the weekend, surpassing 7.8 million audiences in total. Top Gun: Maverick is showing a surprising grit by renewing all of the Korean box office records set by the films Tom Cruise starred in. Apart from that, Bullet Train, the action blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, which will be released on August 24, recorded 10th at the weekend box office through the paid preview before its release.

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