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HANSAN: RISING DRAGON Secured the Box Office Top on the 2nd Week of Its Release

Aug 09, 2022
  • Writer by Hellen Park
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Director Han Jaerim’s Emergency Declaration is 2nd, Top Gun: Maverick Exceeded 7.44 Million Viewers in Total



With the release of new Korean ‘Tentpole’ movies every week in the summer theater, Director Kim Hanmin's HANSAN: RISING DRAGON remained at the top of the box office even in the second week of its release. 


According to the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) of the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), HANSAN: RISING DRAGON, which was released on July 27, recorded 1,156,867 viewers with 45.1% of sales from August 5 to 7 on the 2nd weekend of its release. The total audiences so far are 4,598,500, turning on the green light for the box office hit. 


The Admiral: ROARING CURRENTS, the prequel to HANSAN: RISING DRAGON, is a movie that has topped the box office in Korean cinema history, with 17.61 million audiences in total. Compared to the box office speed of the prequel, the score of HANSAN: RISING DRAGON is similar to the 6th-day record The Admiral: ROARING CURRENTS set, but it is noteworthy in that HANSAN: RISING DRAGON is the third runner of the situation where the expected Korean films are released one by one every week. Attention is focused on how long-term ‘HANSAN’ will continue to be popular in 2022 summer theaters. 


2nd place is Emergency Declaration, which was released on August 3. Director Han Jaerim's new film, Emergency Declaration, is a realistic disaster thriller that carries the banner of the ‘first aviation disaster film’ in Korean cinema history, and its star-studded cast picked up high interest in this film. Song Kangho, the winner of the Best Actor at the 75th Festival de Cannes this year, Jeon Doyeon, the winner of the Best Actress at the 60th Festival de Cannes, and Lee Byunghun, who has a major career in Hollywood, starred in the film. 


Although Emergency Declaration topped the daily box office for 2 days from the day of its release on August 3, it handed over the top position to HANSAN: RISING DRAGON over the weekend. With 816,784 viewers during the weekend with 31.9% of sales, Emergency Declaration recorded 1,397,969 viewers in total. 


Top Gun: Maverick won 3rd place. With a series of new Korean films being released, the film has remained in the top rank at the box office for 6 weeks since its release, breaking a new record. With 190,003 viewers over the weekend, it recorded only 7.8% sales, but its total audiences so far are 7,448,900. The film is expected to surpass the 7.55 million viewers set by Spider-Man: No Way Home, which recorded the largest number of audiences among overseas movies after the Pandemic. Also, Top Gun: Maverick is expected to surpass the 7.57 million viewers set by Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the No. 1 Korean box office among Tom Cruise's films. 


This week, Hunt, directed by Lee Jungjae, the last runner of the ‘Korean Summer Expectations Big 4,’ will be released on August 10. Ranked 10th in the box office in the previous week of its release through special premieres, Hunt is raising expectations for box office success.

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