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Gianna Jun and Gang Dong-won Star in ‘Tempest,’ Korean Espionage Series for Disney+

Jun 03, 2024
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Two South Korean superstars Gianna Jun and Gang Dong-won head the cast of “Tempest,” an espionage action drama series being readied by streaming service Disney+ for release next year. 

The contemporary Korea-set story sees Jun portray a highly-accomplished diplomat and former ambassador to the U.S. Gang portrays an international man of mystery, a former mercenary and special agent but of unknown nationality. Together, they race to uncover the truth behind a lethal attack that threatens the future stability of the Korean peninsula.



“Tempest” (previously known as “North Star”) is directed by Kim Heewon (“Queen of Tears,” “Little Women,” “Vincenzo”) and co-directed by Korea’s leading martial arts director Heo Myunghaeng (“The Outlaws 4”). The screenplay is by Park Chan-wook’s regular partner Chung Seokyung, who has writing credits including “Decision to Leave,” “The Handmaiden” and “Little Women”.

Jun (real name Jeon Ji-hyun) has credits including “My Sassy Girl,” “My Love From the Star” and “Kingdom: Anshin of the North.” Gang, who also takes a production credit on “Tempest,” has a filmography that includes “Broker,” “Peninsula” and “A Violent Prosecutor.” The show marks his first return to the small screen for some 20 years, following 2004 SBS show “Magic.”

Production is through Imaginus, Showrunners, Studio AA and Action School.

The show will play on Disney+ in international markets and on Hulu in the U.S.


Disney has made a mark with other Korean shows including: “Moving,” about a group of South Korean special agents working to protect their super-powered children from harm and exploitation at the hands of malicious government agencies; and “The Worst of Evil” about an undercover police officer who infiltrates a Korean crime organization, looking to bring them down from the inside.

Written by Patrick Frater



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