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For A Man of Reason, His Directorial Debut, Actor Jung Woosung Won the Career Achievement Award at the 42nd Hawaii International Film Festival

Nov 21, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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As Director & Lead Actor of A Man of Reason, Jung Pulled Off the Official Schedule at the Film Festival



Actor Jung Woosung won the Halekulani Career Achievement Award at the 42nd Hawaii International Film Festival, which kicked off in Honolulu, Hawaii on November 13 (local time).


Actor Jung Woosung’s directorial debut, A Man of Reason, was not only invited to the official section of the 42nd Hawaii International Film Festival but also allowed him to win the Halekulani Career Achievement Award, which is the film's highest honor as a director and lead actor.


The award is given to an artist who has reached the career pinnacles very few have achieved via industry awards and accolades and a body of work that is known globally. So far, the winners of the award include Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, Maggie Cheung, Wong Kar Wai, Moon Sori, a Korean actor, etc. The winners can represent an entire country’s film industry by producing work that is best representative of that country’s very best in cinema, developing an illustrious and varied filmography that truly captures cultural snapshots through powerful storytelling and exemplary movie-making. 


The organizers of the film festival described Actor Jung Woosung by saying, “He is an accomplished actor and has been integral in the popularity of the ‘Korean Wave’ over the past two and a half decades.” Jung Woosung won the Achievement in Acting Award at the 28th Hawaii International Film Festival in 2008, so winning the Halekulani Career Achievement Award is more meaningful to him as a director. 


A Man of Reason is an action film about a man who spent 10 years in prison and wants to lead a normal life away from the past chasing after him. Along with directing, Jung Woosung played the lead role of ‘Suhyuk.’ Even before its release, the film was officially invited to major film festivals around the world, including the Hawaii International Film Festival, the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, and the 55th SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival, considered a highly anticipated work.

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