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Kim Youngsung & Kim Geumsoon, Awarded ‘Actors of the Year’ at the 27th BIFF

Oct 17, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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Actors Lee Youngae & Kim Sangkyung, the Jury Members of the Year, Will Award Them at the Closing Ceremony



At the 27th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) settlement press conference held on the morning of October 14, the winners of the Actors of the Year award were announced by Actors Lee Youngae and Kim Sangkyung, the jury members of the year. Kim Youngsung of the movie Big Sleep (Directed by Kim Taehoon) was selected as the Actor of the Year, while Kim Geumsoon of Star of Ulsan (Directed by Jung Kihyuk) was selected as the Actress of the Year. 


The Actors of the Year Award aims to draw attention to new actors in Korean feature independent films, targeting Korean films in the New Currents section and the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section. One male and one female actor representing Korea will be the jury members each year, and Actors Lee Youngae and Kim Sangkyung participated as the jurors this year, drawing attention even before the festival. 


Actor Kim Youngsung, the winner of the Actor of the Year award, said, "I'm so honored and grateful. I was very nervous to come to the Busan International Film Festival for the first feature this year. And I’m so overwhelmed by even winning the award. In the future, I want to show various colors of my own charms in many films.” 


Through the review, Actor Kim Sangkyung said, "It was a happy time for me to see good movies suitable for the film festival's status. And it was also a good opportunity for me to rethink my acting while watching the actors' good acting, and I felt that there are still so many hidden gem-like actors in Korean movies.” 


Actor Lee Youngae praised Kim Geumsoon, the winner of the Actress of the Year award, by saying, "I want to give a big, nice clap to Actor Kim Geumsoon, who showed fantastic performance as wide, deep, and blue as the sea of Ulsan. I blame my ignorance that I didn't know we had such a great female actor. She is young and fresh enough and a brilliant actor who deserves attention this year." 


Actor Kim Geumsoon expressed her gratitude by saying, "I didn't expect it at all because so many great films and actors joined the section. I'm so glad and I will continue to act steadily and diligently. I will be an actor who the audience can see through all media, including movies, dramas, and TV series.”  

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