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Showbox, the Blueprint of Global Leap for Creator-centric New Business

Jun 15, 2022
  • Writer by Park Hyejin
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MCG, the U.S. Investment Company, Investing 140 Billion Won to Push for New Technology-combined Businesses such as Metaverse, NFT, etc.



On June 15, Showbox Media Day ‘FUN FOR TOMORROW’ was held at the Seoul Dragon City Hotel in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Showbox CEO Kim Dosoo and MCG Chairman Koo Bonwoong attended the event and announced strategies for K-content production and distribution across borders and platforms. 


Showbox is Koreas representative content studio that has created a total of five 10-million viewer films, starting with Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War in 2004, The Host, The Thieves, Assassination, and A Taxi Driver. Showbox, which mainly focused on the traditional business style for film investment and distribution, has established a new business model centered on film creators through the Media Day event and unveiled its vision for a leap forward in the global market using next-generation platforms. 


Kim Dosoo, CEO of Showbox, said, The film creators are the driving force of Showbox. We will form a ‘planning creative group’ that will stably discover and actualize the creators ideas to establish a process that can expand the source IP to Super IP,” announcing his plan to strengthen the creator-centered business model. He also added, We plan to create a content production and distribution environment where film creators can engage in sustainable creative activities along with the development of a new content consumption environment and IT platform technology. 


Showbox signed an investment attraction contract worth about 140 billion won with the U.S. investment company MCG (Maum Capital Group) in April. Its goal is to aggressively expand the global market along with MCG, which has Silicon Valleys next-generation platform business network. Chairman Koo Bonwoong of MCG, who attended the event together, said, I am confident that K-content has the power to win in the global market and will win. We are planning things that can show a clear differentiation between Showbox and the existing industry. Our goal is to remove K from K-content. We think the content, which Korea makes, can be the true global content, expressing confidence. 


Showbox also announced a lineup of 27 new films scheduled to be released starting this year. Among them, Tomb Breaker (Director Jang Jaehyunworking title), The Birth of a Nation (Director Kim Taekyunworking title), Delusion based on the webtoon with the same name (Director Han Jaerim), Polar Night (Director Won Shinyeon), and K-hero webtoon Variables of Heroes (working title) are the films that Showbox presents as ‘Super IP.’ Based on stories with endless scalability, the films mentioned above will meet audiences in various forms of content in the future. 


Also, the original movie lineup was released, including The Kidnapped (Director Kim Sunghoonworking title), Men of Plastic (Director Im Jinsoonworking title), and Citizen of a Kind (Director Park Youngjooworking title). In addition, from Love in the Big City, a nominee for Booker Prize, to popular webtoons and web fiction, the lineup based on the original work is also included, raising expectations.

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