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Webtoon DEEP to Get the Simultaneous US and Korean Drama Adaptations

Jul 06, 2021
  • Writerby Pierce Conran
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THE CALL Writer to Pen Korean Series of NAVER Webtoon



The NAVER Webtoon Deep is set to be adapted into the US and Korean drama series, which will share plot lines and cast members. Zack Stentz and his new company Electric Brain Entertainment are developing the show.


First published in 2014, the horror series tells the stories of family members whose loved ones disappeared and suddenly began emerging from the ocean as ageless corpses.


The webtoon ran for 48 installments and was developed by Ko Daejung at Storytelling Co., who serves as an executive producer on the drama adaptations. Ko has produced many Korean drama series over the years, including Sweet Life.


Known for Thor and X-Men: First Class, Stentz will participate as a writer and producer on the series. Also producing will be Geoffrey J. Clark. The project will be co-produced by Lotte Cultureworks, while Kang Seonju, known for penning the Netflix film The Call (2020), will also be involved as a writer on the series.  


Deep is an unforgettable thriller that finds the universal in the specific,” according to writer and producer Stentz. “What happens when the ocean gives up her unquiet dead, and the unfinished business they left behind rises to the surface with the bodies of the missing? By connecting the deeply personal to the global, we plan to spin out a story that - like its audience - will span from Los Angeles to Sydney to Seoul, and every place between.”

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