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Lee Jehoon, Park Jungmin, Choi Heeseo, and Son Seok-koo are Challenging Original Contents with Korean OTT

Apr 21, 2021
  • Writer by Kim Bo-ra
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​Watcha, an online streaming service in Korea, starts producing original series with actors, including Lee Jehoon , Park Jungmin, Son Seok-koo, and Choi Heeseo.

On April 20th, Watcha announced that it will co-produce the ‘Unframed’ project with Hardcut, a production company. Hardcut will be in charge of the production, while Park Jungmin, Son Seok-koo, Choi Heeseo, and Lee Jehoon will direct their own scenarios.

‘Unframed’ is a project in which the four actors, including Park Jungmin, Son Seok-koo, Choi Heeseo, and Lee Jehoon, attempt new challenges that are not limited to their roles as actors. The film, which will be unveiled through this project, will be the four actors’ first directorial debuts. Instead of being trapped in a frame, the film depicts 4 different stories of the 4 actors through their gazes. It is expected to be a project that will allow us to look at the young actors’ passionate moments and sincere stories that expand their scope from acting to directing.

Watcha says, “We’re happy to be able to make new attempts beyond the formalized practice. And through the ‘Unframed’ project, we will be able to see what we’ve taken for granted or stories and emotions that we’ve missed in our daily lives.”

Hardcut, the production company, also says, “In addition to the roles of actors who participate in the project, we think of it as an opportunity to expand their artistry to other areas as directors and try to deliver honest stories.”

Watcha plans to start producing original contents in full-scale through the ‘Unframed’ project. The ‘Unframed’ project will finish all filming before the end of this year and will exclusively release the film as an original series on Watcha sometime in December.

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