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1 Korean Film per Day, KOFIC Broadcasts ‘K-CINEFLEX’ for the Global Viewers

Apr 16, 2021
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Through Arirang TV and KoBiz YouTube Channel, K-CINEFLEX will be broadcast worldwide simultaneously



The Korean Film Council (KOFIC, Chairperson: Kim Youngjin) showcases a new program <1Day 1Film K-CINEFLEX> to introduce Korean films to global viewers. <1Day 1FILM K-CINEFLEX>, which started from April 12(Mon) through Arirang TV channel, will be aired for 10 minutes at 8:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. And on Saturday, a roundup of the week will be aired for 50 minutes at 12:10 p.m. 


This show will be broadcast live on YouTube (Arirang TV 'Culture Channel' and exclusive 'K-CineFlex Channel') streaming in real-time to communicate freely and smoothly with global viewers who are interested in Korean films. You can also watch it at any time on the YouTube account of KoBiz (youtube.com/koreanfilmbiz), the Korean Film Biz Zone that helps expand Korean films abroad.


Varied Episodes Depending on the Day of the Week Including ’37 Must-See Korean Films!’


There are various programs for each day of the week, depending on the concept of meeting 1 Korean film a day. On Monday, ‘Movie Talk’ introduces the charms of Korean films from foreigners’ perspectives. On Tuesday, ‘Movie & I’ highlights Korean cineastes who will perform on the global stage. On Wednesday, directors and actors will join the show to introduce Korean short films in ‘Short Film.’ On Thursday, using motion picture videos, ‘Cine Story’ conveys the history of Korean films in a friendly way. And on Friday, ‘Listen to the Scene,’ which delivers Korean movies vividly, will visit viewers around the world with narration. A roundup episode is broadcast every Saturday so that you can enjoy five episodes altogether.


Especially, for Monday episode, ‘Movie Talk,’ Jason Bechervaise, an expert on Bong Joonho and professor at Soongsil Cyber University who received a doctorate in research on Director Bong Joonho, and a reporter Pierce Conran. The two will choose their own ‘37 Must-See Korean Films!’ and tell the charms of Korean films tailored to the eyes of global fans.


<1DAY 1FILM K-CINEFLEX>, produced by KOFIC to introduce Korean films to global movie fans in a friendly setting, will be aired by the end of December 2021.


1DAY 1FILM K-CINEFLX Schedule (Apr. 12~16)

Apr.12(Mon): The Reason Foreign Experts Strongly Recommend <Welcome to Dongmakgol>

Apr.13(Tue): Movies & Life Told by Paek Chuntae, the 1st generation of ‘Signboard Artist’

Apr.14(Wed): The Short Film <Hello>, Introduced by Lee Jungeun of <PARASITE>

Apr.15(Thur): The Story of ‘Woomigwan,’ the First Theater in Korea, Told by the Motion Pictures

Apr.16(Fri): <I Can Speak> Read by Grandma Lee Yongsoo, the Victim of Japanese Sexual Enslavement



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