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Korean Films Maintain Overwhelming Dominance on August

Sep 30, 2016
  • Writerby KIM Hyun-jung
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KOFIC Has Announced August 2016 Report on Korean Film Industry

Korean films maintained high market share in August 2016 as ever. According to the report on Korean film industry by Korean Film Council (KOFIC), local films recorded 69.1% of market share in August after 60.9% of July.
However, the number of domestic film viewers was 20.55 million and the sales for domestic films was USD 148 million, which decreased by 2.6% and 0.8% respectively, compared to the same period last year. Also, the total number of viewers and the total sales were 29.44 million and USD 216 million, which were lower than last year by 3.1% and 0.7% each.

Tunnel was at the first place on the August box office chart with 6.54 million viewers. Showbox, the distribution company of the film, was the best performing distributor with 22% of market share. The Last Princess ranked at the second on the box office, Operation Chromite at the third and TRAIN TO BUSAN at the fourth place with 5.4 million, 4.36 million and 3.05 million admissions, respectively. Four movies that sold the most were local. The only American film in the top five was The Sceret Life of Pets that lured 2.46 million moviegoers.

Animation Seoul Station by TRAIN TO BUSAN director YEON Sang-ho drew 145,000 audiences and topped diversity chart. So local power did well for diversity films as well. 
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