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A Message of Freedom, Communication and Life from a Divided Land, DMZ Docs 2014 KoBiz Online Screening!

Sep 15, 2014
  • Writerby Shin-young PARK
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Following the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, DMZ International Documentary Film Festival also represents Korea and is facing its 6th year in 2014. The festival was recognized for discovering films such as MANSHIN: Ten Thousand Spirits,The Basement Satellite, SANDA: Surviving, and Let’s Dance last year, and with the documentary films’ characteristic of looking sharply at Korean society, the festival has got together with KoBiz Online Screening for partnership in showing diverse views of Korea for 2014.
At this year’s KoBiz Online Screening, many interesting documentaries will be shown. A special story about a chair is SON Kyung-hwa’s How to Become a Chair, talking about the reality of Korean Christian churches and the beliefs in contemporary society is KIM Jae-hwan’s Quo Vadis. JUNG Joong-sik’s I Am Joongsik talks about the puberty in the 30s, and YOON Da-hee’s The Close Family searches for dispersed family members on a trip. In addition, JEONG So-hee’s First Dance which is about a lesbian couple who longs to live with the person they love, just like anyone else. 
This Festival Screening: DMZ Docs 2014 will open a day after the opening of the festival, on September 18th for 3 months, to show some selections from the festival.
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