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Attend Jeonju International Film Festival ONLINE!

Apr 28, 2014
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Experience the Festival through KoBiz’s Online Screening

This year marks the third year of KoBiz’s Online Screening services. The Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) will open its curtains on May 1st, and in conjunction, selected major programming will be available to screen at the Online Screening website starting the day after. This will be a great opportunity for film professionals abroad that are not able to attend the festival in person this year.
The KoBiz Online Screening has been persistent in showcasing works from Busan International Film Festival, JIFF, and Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in the past. As JIFF is the first largest film festival that opens up 2014, it will also be the first showcase to be available on the Online Screening.
In comparison to last year where films were published on the closing night of the festivals, the services have become much more timely by providing services on the 2nd day of the festival. KoBiz hopes that this will be more convenient and increase the interest of the international film professionals. Working with JIFF, Online Screening will have major films from the Korean Competition, Korean Competition for Shorts, Korean Cinemascape and the Midnight in Cinema sections.
The programming will be diverse and will feature 35 different titles including YANG Ji-eun’s Sookhee, Lee Kyung-sub’s Miss The Train, Lee Won-hoi’s You Are My Vampire, Park Sa-yu and PARK Don-sa’s One for All, All for One, HWANG Yun’s documentary The Omnivorous Family, and NAM Ki-woong’s MIZO to name a few. Also, an alumni of Short!Short!Short! at JIFF last year, director LEE Sang-woo will present his feature film, Dear Dictator.
The online links to the JIFF programming will be available post the opening night, on May 2nd at http://screening.koreanfilm.or.kr/
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