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Ordinary People (2017)
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  • Ordinary People
Yeongwoo, a freshman majoring in physical education, has a crush on his classmate, Heejoo, who has trouble settling into the strict group environment with mandatory daily physical trainings. One day, Heejoo is harshly treated by a senior named Changsoo so Sungbin, another freshman, saves her by confronting Changsoo in a fist fight. After the incident, Yeongwoo feels anxious when Heejoo calls Sungbin ‘cool’, so he tries to win her back by revealing the truth about the enfo...more
Genre Drama Production Status
Running Time 26min Release Date -
Country South Korea Rating
Language Co-Production N
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  • INDIESTORY Inc. | indiestory@indiestory.com
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Director & Producer Production & Sales Company
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