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< No-maen-seu-raen-deu >
1. Black Comedy_< SCRATCH >
Park is pleased since Kim helped him cast a famous actor and attracted investment for his movie. But on that very day, he finds out that Oh, his girlfriend and the producer of his movie, is cheating on him with Kim.

2. Mystery_< A MAN WHO NEVER DIES >
Taehui is brought to the team to work on new film items. The first day in office, she gets the feeling that someone is there and has a dream about it that night. She ...more
Genre Comedy, Mystery, Horror, Musicals Production Status Released
Running Time 75min Release Date Jul 18, 2018
Country South Korea Rating 15
Language Co-Production N
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 2
  • Total Admissions : 84
  • Total Gross : $440
As of May 21, 2024
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Director & Producer
Cast Staff
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