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Timing (2015)
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A mystery thriller about four people who have supernatural time controlling powers come to a school in order to prevent an imminent disaster. PARK Ja-gi is a high school teacher and the daughter of a shaman. She sees the upcoming disasters in her dreams beforehand but is not able to ascertain the causes and the process. Jang Se-yoon, female, mid 20's, sees the upcoming future ten minutes before it happens in her dream but does not know the context of the whole situation. KIM ...more
Genre Animation Production Status Released
Running Time 99min Release Date Dec 10, 2015
Country South Korea Rating 15
Language Korean Co-Production N
Original Timing (KANG Full)
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 196
  • Total Admissions : 38,629
  • Total Gross : $210,434
As of Jul 24, 2024
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Director & Producer
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