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A Werewolf Boy-Director's Cut (2012)
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  • A Werewolf Boy-Director's Cut
Summoned by a phone call, an elderly woman visits a cottage. She remembers a boy she knew half a century before. Moving to a peaceful village, when she was a girl, she found a ”wolf boy,” hiding in the darkness. The girl, now a woman, has never been able to purge the images of his wild eyes and animal-like behavior from her mind. She recalls teaching the boy how to wait before a meal, how to wear clothes, and how to speak and write so that he could one day live like a nor...more
Genre Romance, Drama, Fantasy Production Status Released
Running Time 127min Release Date Dec 06, 2012
Country South Korea Rating 15
Language Korean Co-Production N
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 278
  • Total Admissions : 414,285
  • Total Gross : $2,075,440
As of Jul 14, 2024
Contact Point
  • CJ ENM | filmsales@cj.net
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