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Heard It's a New House, What's This Stain? (2001)
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  • Heard It's a New House, What's This Stain?
A man stands with his neck twisted, looking up at the ceiling
'Heard it's a new house, what's this stain?'
A cup in his hand looks like it will spill the water it holds any minute.
Tock, Tock, Tock
A woman is squatting under her umbrella.
She makes a step and her shoe is starting to split up.
Her son is standing under the sun and mutters shaking his head
"YOO Jae-gun..., YOO Jae-gun. Strange..."
Genre Production Status
Running Time 10min Release Date -
Country South Korea Rating
Language Co-Production N
Contact Point
  • Mirovision Inc. | sales@mirovision.com
Director & Producer
Production & Sales Company
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