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Phantom Master ~Dark Hero From The Ruined Empire (Working Title) (2004)
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  • Phantom Master  ~Dark Hero From The Ruined Empire (Working Title)
Once upon a time in the country ‘Jushin’, there was a secret agent called “Phantom Master”. He was the king’s special envoy, a special official who ranged the country to uncover corrupt officials and punish them. Now, even though Jushin has become ruined, there is still one phantom master left ranging. One day, this phantom master, Mun-su gets lost in the desert until he is helped by Mong-ryong, who dreams of becoming a phantom master. Mun-su escapes, yet Mong-ry...more
Genre Animation, Fantasy, SF Production Status Released
Running Time 86min Release Date Nov 26, 2004
Country South Korea, Japan Rating 15
Language Co-Production Y
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 66
  • Total Admissions : 41,825
  • Total Gross : $180,744
As of Jul 21, 2024
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Director & Producer
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