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The Last Witness (2001)
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  • The Last Witness
The corpse of an old man ; YANG Dal-su, is found floating down the Han River, and Detective OH, investigating the murder, comes across several clues: metal-framed glasses specially manufactured in Japan, the word ‘Daeryang’ printed on a piece of a name card, two photographs, decisive proof, found in Yang Dal-su's cell. Oh goes to Ok-Cheon Elementary School where Yang's pictures were taken. He finds a diary written a very long time ago by SHON Ji-Hye, and discovers the unb...more
Genre Action Production Status Released
Running Time 104min Release Date Nov 15, 2001
Country South Korea Rating 12
Language Co-Production N
Box Office
  • Number of Screens : 1
  • Total Admissions : 39
  • Total Gross : $145
As of Jul 21, 2024
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